We train and work with corporate employers, for-profit and nonprofit organizations and faith communities.

You are changing the way the nation sees returning citizens by transforming the way you think!

What You May Not Know:

  • National and local companies are improving their business with returning citizen ‘Margin Makers’

  • Faith communities are working together to increase welcoming environments for returning citizens and their family.

  • Returning citizen owned businesses are creating opportunities with innovative ideas & products.

  • Men & women post incarceration are in pursuit of liberty & justice for all.



Resources We Provide


Outmate (Employers & Community Members)

  • 2.5 hour “Walk a Month” Experience Simulation

  • #Buy4RC Campaign

  • Margin Maker Workshops

  • 30-Day Orange Jumpsuit Insight

Inmate or Returning Citizens

  • Pre-Release Curriculum

  • List of returning citizen supportive businesses

  • Returning Citizen friendly churches

  • Free Families 5-Week family curriculum & plan


"Free Returning Citizens From Invisible Bars"