Transforming individuals and communities by facilitating returning citizen re-entry, community integration and leadership development.

We work with corrections officials, corporate employers, for-profit and nonprofit social-support organizations and faith communities in training designed to:

  • Lead jail and prison inmates in personal development prior to release.

  • Assist returning citizens in strengthening skills as they rejoin the workforce and their local communities.

  • Assist returning citizen family members with the tools for transition post incarceration.

  • Alter public perceptions of returning citizens to remove obstacles that can lead to recidivism.

  • Develop leaders working to improve overall community strength and well being.





  • Resources

  • Training Material

  • Conferences

  • Experience Simulation

  • Orange Jumpsuit Journey

  • Encourages returning Citizen friendly churches

  • Supports reversing School to Prison Pipeline

  • Promotes returning citizen friendly businesses


"Free Returning Citizens From Invisible Bars"