Interview with Returning Citizen Will McBride and IAmHuman ‘SpokenSong’ (2 Podcasts)

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Will McBride

Episode 8

This native DC resident has changed his life and legacy for his sons and daughters. Will talks about his fear of being locked up, decisions to make himself marketable, family, and home ownership!

This episode includes a treat! 1st in a series we are calling SpokenSong, fusing original “I Am Human” spoken word written by Sheila Murphy with amazing music composed by Danielle Gandy-Dunn.

Interview with Returning Citizen Valentino Dixon

Valentino Dixon Head shot.jpg

Valentino Dixon with Tiger Woods

Episode 3

Bitter. Better. Business! Valentino Dixon journeys his 27 year wrongful murder conviction, remarkable release and exploding career post incarceration. You will be captivated not only by his regimen and sustaining routine but by his possible mission of engaging those he will influence for positive change with criminal justice reform.

Interview with Returning Citizen Nate Titus

Nate and Tia Titus

Nate and Tia Titus

Episode 1

Nate Titus speaks candidly about his childhood, challenges in the military, post-incarceration experiences, employment hurdles, family, rebuilding trust and a word that inspires hope.


Sheila Murphy

Mission Possible podcast uncovers and shares remarkable returning citizen stories for the purpose of changing the way the nation sees RC’ and their families. Join Sheila, Chief Mobilizer and returning citizen advocate for shows that will make you laugh, cry, think and take action!

You do not want to miss an episode, including our inspirational Battle Plan by author and life coach, Nate Battle.

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Nate Battle