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Mission to Mobilization' Walk a Month @ Health Justice Week! Georgetown University

Hosted by The Center for Social Justice - Georgetown University

Social Justice Week, coordinated by the Center for Social Justice, is an annual week of events highlighting the broad and diverse social justice work conducted by departments and organizations across Georgetown's campus.

The MTM EXperience “Walk A Month” is a facilitated, participation-based workshop for “outmates” — employers, landlords, educators, healthcare experts, human-services workers, ministers, neighbors and all community members — that simulates the challenges returning citizens face upon release. The objective is to inform and challenge participants’ perception and behavior as it relates to the realities of a returning citizen and what they encounter once they have served their time.

This workshop deals with the personal and social impact of what we call Post-release Syndrome, or PRS. In the course of the workshop, participants encounter or witness the effects of circumstances like educational challenges, medical support, unstable housing, scarce resources, hostile families and vigilant neighbors. The task of one participant, the returning citizen, is to “stay out of jail” during each of four 15-minute “weeks.”

The MTM EXperience includes an introduction, the participatory workshop and a debriefing, allowing participant to capture and discuss what they have learned.

More details and time frame to come…