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Mission Possible Podcast - Weekly Episodes!

I host Mission Possible Podcast, a podcast that uncovers and shares remarkable returning citizen stories for the purpose of changing the way the nation sees Returning Citizens’ and their families.

I invite you to an opportunity to support a branch of our work through podcasting.The Mission Possible Podcast exposes the extraordinary journey of Returning Citizens achieving success amidst often insurmountable obstacles and opposition. These podcasts will also increase awareness around the disposable income spent with companies that value Returning Citizens and their nine million plus family members.

Our show is 20–30 minutes of what I call "America Undercover." Our country is rich with positive and powerful stories about Returning Citizens' character and contributions. Their work, interest to stabilize their communities, and societal contributions have been hidden. We are mining those stories in a way that teaches with the truth and corrects with compassion.

Mission Possible combines triumphant stories, tools, original music, statistics and well-being support to educate and entertain the community at large. Some of our past sponsors include Delta Airlines, IHOP, and ReedSmith!

To learn more about our show, listen to one of the currents episodes by following either of these links: Spotify or iTunes:

You will find each episode unique, impactful, thought provoking, insightful and educational during the interviews with Returning Citizens. These shared stories are transparent and compelling America toward a purposeful pursuit of their liberty and justice for all.