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Conference Speaker: Raising the Standard: Anointing Holy Women For Purposeful Ministry

Sheila will address:

1) How does God raise His Standard in you?
2) What processes has God used to bring this platform and service to the earth?
3) The pains and powerful work of Mission to Mobilization.
4) Never revealed personal testimonials and much more!

Mission to Mobilization' mission is to reduce judgment, increase margins and influence laws discriminating against Returning Citizens. Our efforts help resource and reintegrate returning citizens into society as contributing members in the communities in which they reside.

As the founder and Chief Mobilizer of her organization (, helps change perception through training, and equipping participating corporate employers, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, colleges, universities, and faith-based communities.

She also fosters the effort to highlight the many companies that hire Returning Citizens and encourages support through her #BUY4RC campaign.

She was recently featured on NBC4 Washington DC after being selected as a Harris Hero: Organization Helps Ex-Inmates Adjust to Life After Prison

In her Mission Possible Podcasts, she furthers MTM’s mission through the sharing of impactful and remarkable success stories of real-life Returning Citizens in an interview setting. The goal is to enlighten, encourage, motivate, and educate listeners to help drive the change in perception of Returning Citizens across the nation. Podcast (also on iTunes and Spotify)

Sheila has authored several books, workshops and curriculum for purposeful growth in life and faith. She believes in the power of prayer and is an active follower of Jesus Christ and embraces all people. She enjoys cooking, the beach and playing tennis, Sheila and her husband live in Washington, DC. Visit her website and follow her work on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Patreon/FreeReturingCitizens