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City of Refuge Pastor Installation & Friendly Congregation Recognition

The City Of Refuge Ministry is committed to encouraging God's people to live by every word of God, changing lives for the better by teaching Jesus love and truth as revealed in the bible.

City of Refuge is recognized as a Returning Citizen Friendly Congregation:

What is considered a returning citizen friendly congregation?

Any church/ministry that may already have any or all of the following in place:
~ An established prison ministry. (visits inmates for religious services etc)
~ Willing to identify a point of contact for returning citizen to meet at the church. ~ Provides returning citizen with welcome packet or list of ministry services.
~ Offer information/available resources i.e. food shelf, support groups etc.
~ Be friendly/welcoming i.e. introduce returning citizen to 2 – 3 people at the church.
~ Engage “soft questions” to determine ways the church may be of service to them. ex. What are 1-2 of your greatest concerns right now? Contact may assess if resources are available and/or offer prayer support.