Freeing returning citizens and communities from the prison of stigma and ignorance

Mission to Mobilization is empowering individuals, communities and organizations so they can flourish, unburdened by negative perceptions and misinformation about returning citizens.

Our values are rooted in integrity, respect, spiritual advancement and promotion of philanthropic service for those in need.

Mobilizing individuals and communities toward greater freedom

The Mission to Mobilization team works to improve the reunification of returning citizens with more receptive communities upon release by offering services and tools for:

  • Prison and jail inmates

  • Returning citizens

  • Corrections specialists, employers, and nonprofit and community leaders

  • Community members, including members of faith communities

Mission to Mobilization is a nonpartisan organization and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, sexual orientation or for any other reason. While we believe that individual and community well being is rooted in spiritual well being, we work with people of all faiths or no faith. We welcome you to read our statement of faith here.


Sheila Murphy, Chief Mobilizer

Sheila has 20+ years of for and non-profit experience.  Her wealth of project planning, marketing and leadership development experience bears a trail of impacted lives.  Mrs. Murphy has a Master's in Church Administration and Biblical Studies and a Bachelors of Arts in Marketing.  

CEO of Mission to Mobilization L.L.C. and President of Released for Life! 501(c)3, Sheila authored "The MTM EXperience; simulating the life of a returning citizen," Resourced and Released; resourcing men & women released from incarceration and Kingdom Compass; do you know where you are going?

Sheila believes in the power of faith for transformed lives and communities in her work!  She blends her corporate, corrections, church and community experience to move individuals towards a possible mission.
Sheila enjoys tennis, cooking, and the beach. She lives with her husband in the District of Columbia.

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Marla M. Smith

This Takoma Park, MD native has over 20+ years of clinical research under her belt. Marla is committed to strengthen and support inmates, returning citizens and their families. She knows these challenges up close and fights for opportunities to help individuals regain respect, reputation and restoration while experiencing transition post incarceration.  This passion is coupled with her love and network helping to develop people.  Marla’s hobbies include dancing and spending time with her family.

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Jeanette Mitchell

Jeanette has a genuine heart for people. She loves anything involving creativity and uses her talents in business.  She has obtained a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising.  Jeanette's work as a returning citizen advocate comes from personal and spiritual convictions to impact law and policy. Jeanette loves to sew and parallels those skills into bringing people, business and social networks together.

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Virginia Duncan

Virginia has a heart to serve and the skills of a carpenter.  Her experience includes a career as a Benefits and Payroll Manager for a corporate law firm.  Virginia has a strong passion for justice and even greater compassion for marginalized and disenfranchised people. She has lived a life engaged in prison advocacy and reform and believes in the power of faith for change.  In her spare time she loves to converse, travel, and cook.

"The histories of personal and social misfortunes that send individuals to prison in the first place persist well beyond their period of confinement, continuing to punish them, their families, and their communities for many years afterwards."

-Ernest Drucker, A Plague of Prisons