Returning Citizen Friendly Churches

What is a Returning Citizen Friendly Church?

Any church/ministry that may already have any or all of the following in place:

  • An established prison ministry. (visits inmates for religious services etc)

  • Willing to identify a point of contact for returning citizen to meet at the church.

  • Provides returning citizen with welcome packet or list of ministry services.

  • Offer information/available resources i.e. food shelf, support groups etc.

  • Be friendly/welcoming i.e. introduce returning citizen to 2 – 3 people at the church.

  • Engage “soft questions” to determine ways the church may be of service to them (for example, What are 1-2 of your greatest concerns right now?

  •  Contact may assess if resources are available and/or offer prayer support.

Returning Citizen Friendly Churches

Alfred Street Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA
Reid Temple AME Church, Glendale, MD