Transforming individuals and communities by facilitating returning citizen re-entry, community integration and leadership development.

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    Serving more than 300 men at Dakota County Jail
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    Released for Life! class session celebration
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    Partnering with jails and prisons across Minnesota since 2001
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    The MTM EXperience engages communities across the nation
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    Corporate engagement for workforce development
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    Business meeting in New Delhi, India
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    Spiritual fellowship and relational support. Uganda, Africa
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  • Sheila Ford
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Our mission is to mobilize you toward yours.

Mission to Mobilization is committed to helping individuals, organizations and communities erase the stigma of incarceration while strengthening social bonds that lead to productive and healthy citizenship for all 

We work with corrections officials, corporate employers, for-profit and nonprofit social-support organizations and faith communities in training designed to:

  • Lead jail and prison inmates in personal development prior to release
  • Assist returning citizens in strengthening skills as they rejoin the workforce and their local communities
  • Alter public perceptions of returning citizens to remove obstacles that can lead to recidivism
  • Develop leaders working to improve overall community strength and well being

Mission to Mobilization services and tools for change

Our exclusive support-based services and tools provide practical, real-world solutions for effective returning citizen re-entry and improved community reception.

Our services include:

  • Resourced & Released, a self-development training program for jail and prison inmates; facilitated by Mission to Mobilization experts or by those using our facilitator’s guide
  • Life Groups, a self-development program for returning citizens and their immediate supporters; facilitated by Mission to Mobilization experts or by those using our facilitator’s guide
  • The MTM EXperience, a facilitated, participation-based workshop for “outmates” — employers, teachers, healthcare experts, human-services workers, ministers, neighbors and all community members — that simulates the challenges returning citizens meet upon release
  • Leadership development, volunteer-management training, consulting and speaking for corrections specialists, corporate employers, community-support organizations (for profit and nonprofit) and faith-based organizations to carry out successful returning citizen integration and social transformation

Learn more about Mission to Mobilization services.

Our tools include:

  • Resourced & Released: Resourcing Men and Women Released From Incarceration, for use with our Life Groups programs or independently by individuals and community groups. Learn more about Resourced and Released
  • Resourced & Released facilitator’s guide; learn more
6 Sep 2017 Released For Life!
Released For Life' mission is to help eliminate the invisible bars of spiritual, emotional and psychological bondage associated with incarceration and life once released. Individuals, organizations and communities strengthen social bonds and support that lead to productive and healthy citizenship for all. Freeing returning citizens and communities from the prison of judgment and ignorance.

What we do:
Educate - individuals and communities
Empower - returning citizens and their families
Enhance - the quality of life promoting liberty and justice for all

Programming includes:
  • Free Families help returning citizens navigate the challenges of transition as a family
  • Workshops and Conferences
  • Public and Topic Speaking

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What's an outmate?

Outmates are community members such as employers, educators, landlords, human-services workers, ministers, neighbors and others living outside of a prison or jail who are impacted by negative perceptions of, or misinformation about, returning citizens.

Outmates play important roles in mobilizing healthier people and communities. Find out how you can mobilize by:

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